May 20th Meeting Notes

The SECAC Report to the Board of Education will be June 13th. We are unsure yet if it will be at the 4pm or 7pm session.

Lisa Richer is starting soon as a second staff member for the Family Support and Resource Center. She will join Ann Scholz.

SECAC is funded by a $2500 grant from the state. Lori and Dr. Savage are working on proposals for the grant now. Some of their ideas are: grow SECAC membership and have more community organizations represented. Question posed to the group regarding doing a special ed forum next year. Attendance was low. Or a better option could be to have speakers at each SECAC meeting. Speakers could included, attorneys, advocates, legislators, parent education. Other ideas are gathering feedback for meetings, updating the website (GoDaddy may not be the best solution), sponsor parents to go to COPAA training with the parent presenting to the group afterward, SECAC awards ceremony (discuss nominating process), meet with other groups to coordinate events, do another IEP advocate event.

Board of Education Liaison (Vicky Cutroneo) 

An amendment has been filed to restore some funds to the Supt’s budget request. There will be a work session Thursday at 5pm and again on June 3rd. Budget approval moved to June 6th.

Cyberbullying and Harassment work session will be June 11th 5:30-7:30. This is as a result of the recent report to the board. This task force will report directly to the board of education. Discussion topics will be bus issues and cultivating a culture of “upstanders”. 

June 5th from 4:30-6:30 there will be a work session about Title 1, FARMS and Equity.

Policy Committee Updates

Marcia Morales – Equity in Education Committee

There are approximately 30 members including students and staff. There has been some discussion in the diversity of special education staff.

Bullying and Harassment Group is being founded soon. It will include special and general education. Advocacy from us is needed. Implementation of Grace’s Law 2.0 will be discussed. 

Need volunteers for some 2019-20 policy committees.



SECAC by-laws need updating. Looking for volunteers to work on them. No need to meet in person, can do with Google docs and online chat. Will look to present to SECAC board and DSE in the fall and then vote on the new by laws in the spring. Need to review SECAC Technical Assistance Bulletin and by-laws of SECAC from other districts.


Issues with school safety – specifically bus rides and accessible doors at single entry points.

Substitutes for special ed – often not qualified to teach special ed. Need a sub pool of special educators. 

Ideas for speakers:

IEP 101, Bullying information (process to file, etc..), mental health provider specializing in children, legislation update, Ready to Ready Act information and implementation, special education attorney.