February 11th Meeting Notes

Call to Order - 7:09pm

Welcome and Introductions

Purpose and Vision 

The Howard County Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee (SECAC) advises the school system on the needs of students with disabilities. We collaborate with other community disability advocacy groups to improve special education and the lives of our students in Howard County, MD.

Approval of Minutes

Action Required: Motion to approve minutes. See attached minutes.  - Minutes approved.

Special Presentation:  First Lego League Robotics team from Dunloggin Middle School Inclusive and Accessible Playgrounds project.  Part of their data were survey results from SECAC members.  
Dyslexia Presentation: Co-Chair Stephanie Carr with HCPSS Executive Director Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Ebony Langford-Brown

(see PDF at the bottom of the page for presentation with notes, questions)

Board Reports

Co-Chair, Mai Hall

Special Ed Forum March 24th, SECAC/HCAS HCC Info coming out tomorrow!

Future SECAC Board Members - come and see Mai about a learning opportunity.

Vice Chair, Wendy Balda

Awards Night - May 4th.  Annual event to honor teachers and staff.  Need help with planning.  Sign-in sheet went around.  April SECAC Meeting will be for planning the awards.  

Budget - Also the Operational Budget Review Committee (OBRC) rep for SECAC. The budget the superintendent put forward for special ed was large.  Staff was added.  The staff number comes from a staffing formula that takes in account student need and IEP hours.  The Board of Education is sending the budget to the County soon.  We need to start advocating to the County Council and County Executive.  The County Executive is having another public hearing on March 12th. Sign ups start February 27th at the following link.   


Secretary, Beth Stolte - By-laws have been updated. Will be presented for note at next month’s meeting.  A copy of the by-laws with changes will be attached to the meeting notes email.

Committee Reports


Department of Special Education Reports

Executive Director and staff

IEP Survey card at every IEP meeting.  If you are not getting it, email secacchair@gmail.com

Family Support and Parent Liaison

Parent engagement survey.  

SECAC Meeting on March 11th will have a presentation about last year’s results with devices to fill out survey online.

Board of Education Reports - Vicky Cutroneo

March 12th CE public hearing on budget, then goes to CC April 22nd (public hearing) then back to BOE.  Then they have another public hearing.  

Work session Feb 27th at 7pm - Bullying Report.  

Christina Delmont-Small - Non-public liasion.  

Next Meeting Dates

March 11, 2020 - MDSE Parent Survey Results 2019-2020

April 15, 2020 - SECAC Awards planning 

May 13, 2020 - SECAC Board Elections

June 10, 2020

Adjournment - 9pm